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Betway Casino free spins for those who accept the Challenge

Wednesday, 03 August 2016 12:50 Written by

Betway Casino has an impressive track record when it comes to rewarding loyalty, perseverance and courage. These qualities are in short supply these days and that’s why it is so important for casinos to acknowledge those who have them. Their promotions are all geared towards celebrating the commitment of existing members, without ignoring the needs of prospective customers.In addition to know deposit and match deposit bonuses, the casino offers free spins and ongoing promotions.

The latest campaign that has started at the beginning of August, is celebrating the Olympic spirit. With the Rio Olympics just around the corner, players are invited to sign up for the Casino Challenge 2016. Unlike the real thing, the virtual competition enables players to win multiple prizes. They are wrapped up as bronze, silver and gold medals and all of them have nominal value.

The Olympics have already started

Compared to the competition scheduled for the second half of August, this tournament began on July 31 and will conclude on August 7. This is just the first stage and two more will follow, with each of them lasting for exactly 7 days. Players shouldn’t waste any time and start earning loyalty points, if they want to improve their chances of winning. Ideally, they should be aiming for all three medals corresponding to the three distinct competitions.

Regardless of what type of medal they win, players will have plenty of time to redeem it for cash, free spins and other bonuses. Nobody knows exactly how the prizes are distributed and players need to wait and see. The element of surprise is insured and this means a great deal for those who seek online entertainment. It is refreshing to know that all the payouts are exciting and whether you win free spins, cash or multipliers for your profits, you won’t be disappointed.

The Casino Challenge 2016 is definitely the most exciting competition that takes place this month and anyone can participate. It makes no difference if you’re new member who hasn’t made a real money deposit yet. Having said this, it is better to begin by claiming the welcome bonus and after that sign up for this offer. The introductory offer can only be claimed ones, so there is no point in rushing, just for the sake of participating in this campaign. Conversely, all those who already have an account should make this promotion their top priority, as it has already started and will conclude shortly.

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Let the games begin
I don’t know how much time I’ll be spending watching the Rio Olympics, but uncertain to participate in this Betway Casino campaign.
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