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Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild landed at Bling City casino

Tuesday, 04 April 2017 10:57 Written by

Bling City casino has just expanded its lineup of games and the new additions are breathtaking. One of the most anticipated titles of April is Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild and this great game has landed here. Granted some online casinos have already included it to their lineup of games, it’s better to enjoy the game later than never. This is precisely the reasoning behind the decision to added today, when a new promotion has started.

Spin the reels and claim the spins

There is more than a pretty right behind the campaign mode to for this new slot machine that can be played at Bling City. The casino is happy to offer more money to those who make a deposit, so their efforts are lavishly rewarded and participants come full circle. A minimum deposit will make players eligible for generous paychecks, free spins beyond comprehension and a very exciting first prize.

With a lucky couple traveling to Africa for a memorable Safari, this is the icing on the cake and the payout that everyone secretly hopes to secure. At the other end of the spectrum, we have smaller bonuses, but some that are just as exciting for those who play casino games online. Every second day, players will receive either free spins or cash prizes and there’s nothing preventing them from securing both.

If you are a new player and haven’t claimed the welcome bonus yet, then you should know that this is also within your grasp. It’s probably better to seize the introductory package before you apply for any other promotion. The main reason for doing so is that you will collect a lot of money up front, which can be put to good use at different games. Slot machines are just the tip of the iceberg but there’s more than meets the eye about the games playable here.

The lucky players who win the Safari are likely to enjoy their time of growth and return home with great memories. On the off chance that they don’t want to leave the country or can’t because of their busy schedule, the winners also have the option of claiming the cash alternative. It represents only a fraction of the actual cost of the holiday, but then again it’s better than nothing. Ideally, players should make their plans accordingly if they manage to win the coveted prize.

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