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Catch the Spring Fever Online Promo At Bodog Casino

Sunday, 05 March 2017 14:30 Written by

Catching the fever is usually a bad thing, especially if you do so when winter is finally over. Bodog Casino knows how to turn a bad thing into a good one and that’s why you shouldn’t fear their latest promotion. It goes by the name of Spring Fever Online Promo and is actually a great thing if it happens to you. It consists of bonuses, free spins and all sorts of great things that are going to make your life better if you end up winning.

Spring is in the year and you should be celebrating it with the casino and its new promotion. If you’re a beginner, you need not to worry because you can deposit €10 and still qualify. It’s a tiny investment that anyone can make, so the line between amateurs and professionals are blurred. The promotional period, one can claim the offer twice, so the maximum investment won’t exceed €50. Obviously, it’s possible to deposit in a different currency and still qualify for the bonus.

Four weeks of pure entertainment

The Spring Fever Bonus promotion is in full swing and it will continue for almost 4 weeks. It started on March 2 and will conclude at the end of the month, so time is not exactly of the essence. Given the fact that such a small investment is required, players should postpone enrollment and grab the free spins right away. The first batch will consist of 10 bonus rounds, but those who make a larger deposit will receive more free spins incrementally.

Why is not necessary to go over the threshold of €50 to collect all the free spins here, there are advantages associated to larger deposits. For example, you will qualify for the match bonus of up to €100, which represents 30% of what you invest. The winnings resulting from free spins will be awarded as bonus funds, so they won’t be available for immediate cash out. The wagering requirements however are easy to meet, so this won’t become a problem for the lucky recipients.

Some great games have been added in February and new titles are announced for March and beyond. Several software developers will provide these games, so diversity is insured for those who play here. Bodog Casino continues to surprise players and pays special attention to the needs of those who enjoy playing slots. Joining them will lead to a string of payouts and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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