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Chase another Mega Fortune jackpot at Bohemia Casino

Thursday, 14 July 2016 09:47 Written by

Bohemia Casino has all the popular progressive jackpot games developed by NetEnt. Some of them have made millionaires already, others are still waiting for a lucky player to hit the winning combination. The Mega Fortune jackpot game is on the most difficult to beat, but those who succeed don’t have to work a single day in their life. The last time someone won a jackpot, the amounts to the €3.7 million and now another lucky player took home nearly €3 million.

The jackpot grows fast and when he crossed psychological thresholds, players take notice and they start betting even more. Since the size of the jackpot is indissolubly linked to the number of players and the amounts they wager, it makes perfect sense to have it pooled across several casinos. Unlike other progressive jackpot games produced by smaller software developers, this one goes up faster and it has a propensity for setting records.

This is the other game that holds the absolute record in terms of bonuses awarded, with someone winning €17.9 million one year ago. It’s unlikely that the amount will be surpassed anytime soon, but only by playing give yourself a fighting chance. Even if you don’t hit the big winning combination, you can win one of the lower jackpots which are nothing to frown upon. Hundreds of thousands of Euros are won in this manner and is much easier to win these smaller jackpots.

David from Sweden strikes it rich

Online casinos were truly professional care for the privacy of their members and Bohemia Casino falls into this category. That’s why, if you happen to win a progressive jackpot here or any other difficult amount, you can rest assured that sensitive data won’t be disclosed. All casinos want to draw some attention to their best paying jackpots and that’s why they celebrate any important victory.

When somebody won the €2.97 million jackpot at Casumo, the casino decided that it is fair enough to disclose only the nickname. Apparently, it is a player from Sweden who goes by the name of daily that won the prize after betting a tiny amount. This is how most jackpot stories go but this one happens to be true and this is what makes it even more impressive. The best part about these games that you can bet a tiny amount and always have the chance of randomly triggering a massive winning sequence.

If you win such a big amount, casino representatives advised not to be hasty and make some plans before claiming the bonus. You have all the time in the world to spend the prize and you don’t need to take chances.

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Hopefully my first jackpot
I worry about the risks taken by jackpot winners after I finally hit a winning combination at Bohemia Casino or elsewhere.
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