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Bovada Casino runs massive tournament in August

Wednesday, 03 August 2016 12:45 Written by

Bovada Casino continues its expansion worldwide, with a string of promotions and special offers that will sweep players off their feet. Bonuses are never in short supply, but most campaigns are mutually exclusive, so players need to make difficult decisions. The rule of thumb says that when you have to choose between several offers, you should focus on the one that expires first. By doing so, you will be able to take advantage of all these lucrative opportunities and never run out of bonuses.

It goes without saying that when players need to decide between a very generous promotion and one with tiny bonuses, the decision is not that difficult. Assuming you follow the guidelines, it makes perfect sense to begin by applying for the welcome bonus, assuming no free spins are offered. Once this initial step is completed, turn your attention to the other promotions and try to find out which expire first.

Right now, there is a tournament that will definitely catch your eye and the good news is that it goes live throughout August. An entire month should be sufficient for those who haven’t played a lot of games online and don’t know how to dose their efforts. The obvious thing to do is to sign up right now for this promotion, because it is mandatory for interested players to opt in. Once they jump on the bandwagon, players will start accumulating points and about the ladder.

Claim the lion’s share at Bovada Casino

Since every investment, no matter how little matters, it makes a lot of sense not to give up even if you lose the start. There is plenty of time to close the gap separating you from the leading pack and the prizes are divided among the first 15 players. Winning the competition will result in a maximum bonus of €500, which represents a quarter of the entire prize pool. On the other hand, even if you finish on the podium or at least among the five more successful players, you will collect a three digit amount.

Net Entertainment games qualify for this offer and it is enough to bet $.10 on each spin. The worst-case scenario is to finish at the bottom of the hierarchy, but even so you will receive at least €25. Since you get to keep all the profits you make while playing these games, even this unassuming amount will matter.

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Finally good news
It is good to see that sometimes online casinos choose not to leave everything to chance and reward those who take promotions seriously.
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