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Show your wild side in tournaments at Boylecasino

Sunday, 02 October 2016 15:34 Written by

Boylecasino has an impressive collection of video slots, to meet the increasing enthusiasm for this genre. Not surprisingly, most online casinos are running almost exclusively on video slots, with less attention being paid to both video pokers and table games. The only thing that this genre is unable to provide is the adrenaline rush of competing against fellow players. The problem was solved with the introduction of slots tournaments and a very popular one is already unfolding here.

On a weekly basis, players have the option of signing up for this tournament using a tiny amount. The alternative is to spend the loyalty points accumulated over the course of time to sign up for this tournament for free. This should also provide players with the incentive to be more active because all real money games will result in such points being earned. Once you are a part of this tournament, you have the same chance as the next guy to win a prize.

Win €150 per day in tournaments

In order to participate in these events, players are supposed to have a minimum balance of €25. Each tournament revolves around the selected slot machine, so it’s important to focus on these games. If you win money, you will be able to spend it on other games, so you enjoy the best of both worlds. While the games change, the structure of tournaments stays the same and players are going to collect the same amount if they finish at the top of the food chain.

It is critical to make it to the podium, because otherwise it will only receive more loyalty points. These can be turned in for cash or use to participate in other tournaments, so players come full circle. Meanwhile, the winner will collect €150 and the runner-up will receive €100, which is not an amount to frown upon. Even if you only make the third step of the podium, you will still collect €50 which is a nice return on investment.

At the time of writing, these tournaments are scheduled to take place three times a week, two days apart. The first opportunities presented to players who sign up for the Monday event, while the second will arise on Wednesday. Even if you are successful on Monday will have another chance to sign up for the Wednesday event and the same goes for the tournament starting on Friday. The same prizes are awarded throughout the week, so everyone has the same chances regardless of their schedules.

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Busy week ahead for me
I guess I’m going to participate in all three tournaments next week, since I have a lot of time to spend gambling at Boylecasino.
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