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Carat Casino sends you on an African Safari

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 13:18 Written by

Carat Casino meets the expectations of players who are more exotic in nature and want to try something different all the time. All paid vacations have always been popular among online casino players, but not all destinations are sought after by Internet gamblers. What usually happens is that casinos and people on all paid vacations to major European or North American capitals. Fun as these strips might be, they are not even remotely as exciting as an African Safari.

Knowing all this, the casino is ready to push the envelope and makes a tempting proposition for those who haven’t been to Africa before. There is a raffle that will decide the outcome of this promotion, so you need to be very lucky to win the prize. Having said this, there is a way to improve your chances, since tickets for the raffle are claimed by players who wager in increments of €20.

If you have more money available or if you feel inclined to play more casino games during this time of the year, you can improve your chances. Even highrollers are expected to pay attention to this promotion because the prizes are not negligible. To put things into perspective, the winner will spend some quality time in a five-star holiday resort in South Africa. From this headquartered, winners will travel to the country ladder they receive the wild animals in their natural habitat.

Winners will be decided on a monthly basis, so there are still two opportunities this year and potentially more in 2018. Carat Casino has an appetite for special promotions, so it is also possible for other campaigns to be launched in parallel. As long as they are not mutually exclusive, players should contemplate the possibility of signing up for several offers simultaneously.

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