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Win a Casino Cruise Mediterranean Cruise this Month only at Casino Cruise

Saturday, 20 October 2018 23:20 Written by

Casino Cruise has sent many lucky players over the world in all paid vacations, so players know what to expect here. These are fleeting opportunities and it’s important for players to act quickly, because these campaigns don’t last indefinitely. A deposit is always required and some wagering requirements need to be met, but the good news is that players don’t have to wait too long to find out if they won. Just be ready for some intense competition because there are plenty of players actively involved in this campaign.

The casino is going to send one lucky player and a friend of his or her choice on a memorable vacation on the Mediterranean Sea. The destinations include some of the most popular and most beautiful cities in this part of the world, so players won’t be disappointed. If you win the all paid vacation, then you will have the chance to discover the beauty of Barcelona, Rome, Cannes, and many other European ports without paying a dime. This is not going to cost you anything because the casino will pay for the expenses.

One can you win in this campaign?

Casino Cruise is famous for taking care of every single detail and this is how things are going to work in this case as well. The winners will travel to Barcelona and receive tickets worth €600, so they will reach their destination without unnecessary delays. The winners will also have all the meals included, and won’t have to pay for room service either, so this is a very cool addition. Furthermore, players will receive on board entertainment that includes everything from Las Vegas and Broadway shows to the best for the cinema movies. There are bars, restaurants with Michelin stars and many other cool places on the shift.

The winners won’t have to pay anything either for using the facilities on the boat, so the only thing to worry about is how to spend the time better. If you are wondering when the winner will be decided, you should know that the name will be announced in the first week of next year. Basically, players have to wait until January 7, 2019 to determine whether they want something or not. The lucky player will have to accept the prize and then make the necessary arrangements to prepare for the vacation.

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