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Sail on the Mediterranean with Casino Cruise

Monday, 16 January 2017 18:50 Written by

Casino Cruise couldn’t care less about cold weather and if players are obviously not impressed either. They know something that many of their counterparts who gamble elsewhere don’t know. Here, you can win cash prizes, free spins and other conventional incentives but also some memorable vacations. During wintertime, the casino will send players to exotic destinations, such as the Caribbean or the Far East.

As spring draws near and the temperatures go up, the Mediterranean becomes an increasingly exciting travel destination. If you are to visit the countries at the sea aboard the luxurious cruise ship, then your experience is going to be even better. This is a dream come true for anyone who with the package and apparently it’s not that difficult to emerge victorious. Everything starts in Barcelona and shortly after players will be able to visit other Mediterranean countries.

Is it difficult to win this vacation?

You will be happy to hear that Casino Cruise has made it extremely easy for anyone to participate in this promotion. Winning the first prize is not a walk in the park but it definitely worth the effort. There are plenty of consolation prizes so if you finish in second you won’t be disappointed by what’s coming your way. As for the winner, he or she will receive tickets on the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship, one of the most formidable vessels in the entire fleet.

The ship is fitted with a 3-D indoor movie theater, many vintage bars and restaurants as well as the Royal Promenade. One can even play mini golf and ice-skating aboard, which is impressive on many levels. As mentioned above, the voyage starts in Barcelona, where players will also be transported for free. Civitavecchia, La Spezia, Villefranche and Provence are also on Route, alongside Naples and the cruise will come to an end in Barcelona.

To win such a vacation, one would have to make a deposit of at least €50 and in return of this financial commitment one will receive a ticket. More tickets mean more chances to win the raffle, but ultimately this slot that determines the outcome. It is possible in theory to win with a single ticket but if you want to have a better chance at saving on the Mediterranean Sea, you should go beyond this. In the unlikely case that players would rather take the money instead of this memorable vacation, the casino will offer than $2000 to spend however they like.

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Anxious to set sail
I would definitely accept the vacation instead of cash, but first I need to win this Casino Cruise holiday.
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