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Arabian Nights due to be won at Casino Fantasia

Saturday, 11 March 2017 19:00 Written by

Arabian Nights is not the best paying game that can be played over the Internet, by those who have a keen eye for slot machines. It’s not only the high number of winning combinations that makes this game great, but also the fact that it carries a progressive jackpot. In fact, this is the reason for why so many people choose it over its counterparts. Furthermore, the fun animations, great graphics and sound effects keep players entertained and to this game even if they don’t win.

There is always a lot of enthusiasm generated by those games that have the potential of making players rich virtually overnight. Progressive jackpot games fall into this category and this particular title is head and shoulders above its competition. Arabian Nights has a jackpot that has recently crossed €1.5 million, which is a lot of cash even for games of this type. That’s the result of nobody being able to claim the jackpot for more than six months.

Half a year without a jackpot winner

To claim bonuses when playing any slot machine, one would have to activate the special round. When it comes to progressive jackpots, the odds of finding the winning combination are remote and it takes a while until somebody emerges victorious. On the bright side, you don’t have to worry about the jackpot slipping away because it isn’t going anywhere. The system is straightforward and will reward players who persevere, because jackpots are rolled over time after time.

To put things into perspective, the jackpot that this game is usually won every three months or so. Right now, it’s been more than half a year since somebody got away with the first prize and this explains why the jackpot is so high. There is always the possibility of players failing to win the bonus so it will go up indefinitely until somebody gets lucky. It will take a while until it will set a new record, but given the enthusiasm it generates, the €2 million threshold isn’t that far off.

Arabian Nights can be played on mobile devices at Casino Fantasia, which is a catalyst for growth when it comes to slot machines. Games that are available exclusively on desktop computers have lost much of their attraction, due to the fact that so many people have switched to mobile. It’s much more entertaining to play your favorite game on a smartphone or tablet, since these devices are highly portable. As you keep chasing these jackpot, don’t forget about the free spins offered by Arabian Nights and play them all.

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