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Casino Heroes expands to the UK in August

Saturday, 05 August 2017 00:24 Written by

Casino Heroes continues to conquer new frontiers and in 2017 it made giant leaps forward. The UK gambling market is one of the most tempting and also one of the biggest in Europe, so it was an obvious target. Now that it has acquired the much-needed UK license, the casino can serve local players without breaking the law. This means great deal not only for the operator but also prospective customers who can expect to receive better bonuses.

In order to celebrate its arrival to UK shores, the casino will run a string of promotions aimed that bringing more players into the fold. The decision to stick to classic slots is hardly a surprise given their reputation and popularity among savvy players. As new games are released, there’s a good chance for free spins to be offered to UK players. Some deals might be exclusive, which means that existing customers won’t qualify for the new packages.

Casino Heroes’ Lore Wins Hearts

Casino Heroes is expected to win the hearts and minds of British players with its unique approach and unmistakable story. Few online gambling operators can brag about having the narrative but the lore of this casino is truly impressive. The originality of in game currency and the sheer fun of being a part of their promotions are strong selling points. There are many similarities between this casino and the fantasy world of video games, so those who enjoyed the latter are also expected to tag along.

All players who sign up for an account will have their own treasure chest where special bonuses can be credited every now and then. The casino is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and this gives it the right to cater for local players. With these new expansion, the online casino is also ready to add new chapters to its intriguing story. The layout will change, new characters will be added and a total of 11 heroes will join the roster. There are plenty of changes and the horizon and all of them are promising.

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