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Take on the Casino Room Easter challenges

Thursday, 13 April 2017 19:18 Written by

Casino Room doesn’t want people to stay locked inside during these beautiful days, especially now that Easter is just around the corner. Instead, it provides them with the means necessary to enjoy the great outdoors without missing out on their great promotions. That’s possible because the casino is mobile friendly and smartphones and tablets powered by several operating systems can be used. Their most recent campaign is actually a bet those who stay mobile and have a keen eye for slot machines.

NetEnt games are at the cornerstone of this promotion which is hardly a coincidence since this is the main provider of slots here. The offer is set to expire on Easter, but until then players can choose any of the qualifying games and make a nice profit. It will be credited in the form of free spins, so it won’t take long for players to convert them into cash. The only downside is that the winners will have to wait until the end of the promotion, which expires on April 16 and midnight to claim these bonuses.

The bigger the deposit, the better the rewards

Casino Room offers match deposit bonuses on a regular basis, so those who have an account here will be surprised by the terms and conditions. The only thing that differs is that instead of receiving cash prizes, players who load their account will receive bonus rounds. There is still an indissoluble link between the size of their deposit and the number of free spins they collect, but it is a more subtle one. There are certain levels, so players start at a minimum of 10 free spins and can claim as many as 100 of them.

The campaign lasts until the end of the week, so participating players can unlock multiple bundles of at least 10 free spins. The best case scenario is to make a deposit on a daily basis and aim for the maximum number of 100 free spins. It might as a little pressure on the fledgling bankroll so online players, but it will be definitely worth the effort. Not only players will have the chance to spin the reels for free, but the money they deposit will empower them to move up to higher limits.

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