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Castle Casino prepares for Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood Slot

Wednesday, 14 September 2016 00:17 Written by

Castle Casino is not exactly the kind of fortress that the name might suggest. In fact, it is everything you could be wishing for, in terms of dedication, openness and friendliness. You can start your gaming experience even before you make a deposit because all the games can be played on virtual currency. If you feel comfortable spending real cash, then you will be able to move up the ladder much faster. Having said this, the free spins and free tournaments offer the chance of winning cash without risking anything.

Right now, the casino is happy to announce the imminent release of a brand-new slot machine. Net Entertainment is the software developer that had the brilliant off idea of crafting the game inspired by a popular fairytale. The name of the game is Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood Slot and pretty much anyone knows the basic plot. On the off chance that you don’t know anything about the story, let’s just say, that this game is not going to appeal exclusively to little children.

Bring your childhood memories to life

Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood Slot is a great game with wonderful graphics and featuring the popular characters of the fairytale. It’s easy to remember the times when you were little and had no worries whatsoever, each time you spin the reels. You can do so on mobile devices or stick to your trustworthy computer, because the outcome will be the same. This is not the first game that evokes childhood memories, with Jack and the Beanstalk also falling into this category.

Adult players are probably more concerned about the configuration of the game and the number of winning combinations. The five rows, five reel matrix is the standard among more than slot machines, so you have the same chances of emerging victorious here as you did anywhere else. On the other hand, there are free spins and bonus rounds that enhance your chances and make it easier to accept the fact that the game doesn’t carry a progressive jackpot.

The big bad bonuses are going to keep players at the edge of their seats and they can be triggered at any time. Fairy Magic spins and fairy while spins are also available and the best return on investment is triggered by the Beware the Wolf Bonus special around. The maximum amount that one can win consists of 100 times the stakes, so highrollers and big spenders can hope for a great return.

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# 0 ClauGol
THe man in the high castle
I can’t wait for October when this game is set for international release because it looks like a lot of fun.
2016-09-14 00:23 Reply

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