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Coral unveils the Connect Connection Promo

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 15:44 Written by

Coral is full of surprises, but some of these promotions are already very popular despite being relatively new. A couple of them are supposed to go hand-in-hand with their loyalty program as well as the Coral Connect cards. The advantages of betting on sports and playing casino games at a gambling operator that has a strong land-based presence shine brightly here. It is no coincidence that they made such a big deal about the connect system and that it was so well received by a broad audience.

This November, there are a couple of special promotions aimed exclusively at those who use the special credit cards. It is possible to withdraw funds directly on this financial instrument, without going to a local betting sites. Furthermore, the cards are more effective than their mainstream counterparts, both credit and debit ones. Once you get hooked on this quality service, it is unlikely to go back or even contemplate alternative options.

In shop and online betting with Connect

This hybrid system promoted by Coral casino is supposed to appeal to a broad audience. The ones that are probably going to jump on the bandwagon first are those players who have recently made the transition to online gambling. They don’t want to lose the lifeline connecting them to the land-based ventures, so they find plenty of upside in using this card.

A better look at the benefits of Coral connect will highlight the fact that deposits are cheaper and cash out much faster. Some credit cards will charge a tiny commission when used to deposit funds to an online gambling operator. There many bookmakers and casinos who fit this pattern, so it’s not that surprising that many gamblers try to avoid plastic when depositing. In this case, you don’t pay anything extra and enjoy the same unmatched convenience. Furthermore, cash outs are much faster.

Since players don’t have to deal with banks, they are less likely to be charged hidden fees by financial institutions that seek profit. The Connect Card will make players eligible for exclusive bonuses as well as free spins on selected slot machines. There are new aggravations whatsoever, since you have a single account that you can use for all types of gambling. Basically, the same funds are used to bet on sports, play casino games and lotteries and all mobile devices are supported regardless of operating system.

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Enough with the connects
I’ve heard a thing or two about the Coral Connect and I guess that this promotion should be the one to sway me to try it out.
2016-11-15 15:59 Reply

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