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Free spins offers galore for you at Dragonara Casino

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 17:14 Written by

Dragonara Casino takes you on a memorable ride, from the mouthpiece coastline to some of the most exciting virtual realms. In the online environment, everything is possible and casinos have the possibility of offering the kind of bonuses that players truly love. It is easy to fall for their offers, especially if you are a online gambler with slot machines at heart. Free spins can be claimed whenever players make a deposit but sometimes there are also offered with no strings attached to existing customers.

These are the ones who usually feel frustrated by the fact that newcomers frequently get the better deals. Granted there are loyalty schemes and VIP programs aimed at rewarding those who gamble online, it’s not enough to appease these guys. That’s probably why the free spins offered to active players are more numerous in 2017 and February is a particularly good month to take advantage. Since they are not restricted to one slot or the other, you decide which game will you focus on from this point onward.

Make a deposit and claim free spins

Some bonus rounds are available only to newcomers, others are also granted to those who have active account. In any case, the trigger for the release of free spins is almost always the same and consists of a deposit. The best part about this otherwise predictable condition is that you don’t really have to make a large deposit to collect all the free spins. The number of bonus rounds is fixed and players usually have to make the minimum deposit to be eligible for all of them.

Dragonara Casino follows the same approach in most cases, but sometimes encourages players to aspire higher. If they are willing to make a larger deposit, this will have a two-pronged effect as they will claim more free spins and have more money to spend. When you can play and higher limits, you’ll be able to win more cash during a single lucky session. This is also the common sense path to success, assuming you don’t want to get stuck at certain stakes all the time.

Welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions should be mutually exclusive, if players are supposed to be kept entertained. This casino is not going to erect unnecessary obstacles in the way of those who want to claim all the bonuses possible. There are deadlines to be respected however, so try to focus on clearing bonuses one at a time. It doesn’t really matter if this is a long or short sequence, as long as you don’t allow the bonuses to expire. Free spins also have an exclamation date, so pay attention to it as well.

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