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No Deposit Free Spins on Ace Ventura Slots at Everest Casino

Sunday, 19 March 2017 11:57 Written by

Ace Ventura is a character that many people fondly remember from the immensely entertaining Jim Carrey movies. Not surprisingly, online casinos are trying to take advantage of its popularity and have created some great looking slot machines. Since the late 90s, there were dozens of games produced by various software developers. They flooded the Internet and after a while players lose interest and couldn’t care less about new releases.

Everest Casino plans to change all this and bring the Ace Ventura Slots back in the spotlight with a truly remarkable game. Net Entertainment is the producer of this new slot and its take on the Ace Ventura franchises truly innovative. The graphics are stellar, winning combinations more than ever before and you’ve got bonus rounds to spice things up. If the wild and scatter symbols are not enough to make up your mind and play, then the free spins will surely help.

How does this game differ from its predecessors?

This is the question that virtually anyone familiar with Ace Ventura slot machines will be asking, when hearing about the new release. That simply because the previous installments were largely disappointed or to bring anything new. The good news is that when you spin the reels of new game, you actually feel like interacting on many levels with the original character. His charm, funny nature and unmistakable lines recommend him to those who want to try a slot machine with a unique theme.

Everest Casino knows that sometimes players need a strong incentive just to check out something that will end up making their day. Some of the best things in life in us, simply because we don’t pay attention to them and to give them a chance. Ace Ventura slot machines shouldn’t fall into this category, and that’s why the casino is offering free spins to players. These are small incentives that go the distance, as they are easy to claim and can be converted into cash momentarily.

You will receive 10 free spins initially when you sign up for this promotion and played the slot for the first time. If you persevere and extinguish all the bonus rounds, the casino will provide you with a couple more. They will probably be insufficient to help you build a fortune overnight, but should be enough to keep you going. In any case, given the game of chance and see what comes next because you won’t be disappointed. Also, it can be played on smartphones and tablets powered by iOS and Android systems.

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