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Secure Live Cash Rewards at Grosvenor Casino this December

Saturday, 22 December 2018 23:03 Written by

Grosvenor Casino has bonuses for all its players this time of the year, both those who choose to gamble online and those who visit their land-based venues in London and elsewhere. The casino runs special promotions for online gamblers, especially people who enjoy spending some time and live dealer table games. Those who choose to play here hit two birds with one stone, as they qualify for special bonuses, while also experiencing the thrills of live dealer gambling.

One of the most popular games at both land-based and online casinos, roulette exercises a special attraction upon players. The thrills of gambling online make it even better when players have the option of competing against live dealers. Anyone who enjoys this game knows that the best way to maximize the return on investment is by betting on straight numbers. These are the ones that produce the biggest winners and if you stick to these banks will be rewarded by the casino.

Win more cash with each lucky bet

Grosvenor Casino will add €10 or the currency equivalent to those who bet on number 17 and emerge victorious. It is possible to claim this reward up to five times throughout December, so it doesn’t really matter if you are an early adopter or you have just learned about this promotion. What is important is to remember to opt in for this promotion and focus exclusively on live dealer games. It is also essential for players to bet at least €5 to qualify for the bonus, so keep this in mind when gambling.

There are also bonuses for those who would rather play blackjack and in this case the rules are slightly different. Players also receive a bonus of €10, but only when they get 10 blackjacks on any of the live dealer table games. This is pretty much all you need to remember about this promotion, assuming you want to cash in on the generous bonuses offered until the end of the month. Don’t worry if you are actively involved in other campaigns, because this one and existing offers are not mutually exclusive.

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