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Progressive jackpot games for you at Grosvenor Casino

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 11:20 Written by

Grosvenor Casino has always been a place where progressive jackpots could be won. These games have the particularity of having the first prizes pooled across a broad network, which can be a bit problematic. The odds are further decrease when more players compete for the same payouts and is more likely for someone to hit the winning combination. Having said this, the odds of actually striking the jackpot winning sequence are remote so the impact of more players is relatively low.

At the same time, the money they invest is significant and this is why these progressive jackpots go up so fast in the first place. The casino has several such games and all of them follow similar rules, so once you learn the basic you will have no problem in playing. They all have different themes and this means that the odds of getting bored anytime soon are slim to none. The more you play, the more likely it is to enjoy the games and by the time you stop playing it should also have more money than when you started.

Which are the best paying progressive jackpots?

Grosvenor Casino went to great lengths to make sure that all the popular progressive slots are on the list. The results speak for themselves, because it is virtually impossible to look for a particular title and not find it here. Obviously, only the best paying games are featured, since there are plenty of progressive jackpots out there and not all are worth the effort.

Mega Fortune Dreams sits at the top of the list for a good reason, because it is the best paying game in history. It holds the Guinness World Record and it is most unlikely for anyone to surpass it anytime soon. While everyone is secretly hoping to win the first prize, there are Rapid and Major jackpots to be won. These are smaller but are triggered more often, so at the end of the day it all evens out.

Arabian Nights is a great reminder of why slot machines that have theme are preferred by players. When you spin its reels, you feel like taking a virtual trip to the Middle East, without all the inherent risks. There are plenty of active pay lines and winning combinations are easy to trigger, so even if you don’t win the jackpot you will claim a prize.

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# 0 Andrew
I will win it eventually
I’ve played all these games, but so far I was unable to win any jackpot, so I hope my luck will change at Grosvenor Casino.
2016-10-19 11:27 Reply

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