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Check out the InstaCasino weekly raffle

Saturday, 04 June 2016 15:54 Written by

Sometimes, good things coming bunches, on other occasions you have to take the good things as they come, one at the time. InstaCasino is frequently running several promotions simultaneously, so their members are quite used to great news. This June, they’re expected to offer plenty of bonuses to both new members and long-term customers. The first opportunity that everyone can take advantage is revolving around the events start of the Euro 2016.

Football: Champions Cup is the video slots developed by NetEnt and already very popular across the entire spectrum of online casinos powered by then. Keep in mind that the network includes dozens of prestigious operators, so you can only imagine how many players are spinning its reels. The positive feedback has virtually insured the success of the game, but the casino has no intention to dwell on the early reviews. Instead, it marches on and offers new bonuses to those who haven’t played yet, as well as those who fell in love with its beautiful reels.

If you play at least 10 rounds on this game until the end of the week, you will be eligible for one of the numerous prizes. The raffle has a sizable guaranteed prize pool and if you are truly lucky, you will end up winning the first prize worth €500. If you come in second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth, you won’t leave home empty-handed either, because prizes will be awarded to these players as well. They will have to settle for 100 free spins, but these can in turn generate more profits, perhaps even more than €500.

That’s why, finishing second or slightly below would be a blessing in disguise and winners should frown upon the prospective of receiving free spins rather than cash. Add to this the fact that the aforesaid video slot is so fun to play and you’ve got plenty of reasons to check it out. It has a couple of original features that were previously unavailable on any of the slots created by the software developer. Players will feel like they are actually on the football field and get ready for the upcoming tournament.

All these fancy graphics don’t have a negative effect on performance, so you can expect to enjoy the same smooth animations on any device. The game was developed in such a way as to run on smartphones and tablets and it makes no difference if you’re devices powered by Android or iOS operating systems. Feel free to experience the adrenaline rush of football on any gadget if you cherish mobility and don’t want tied up with a desktop computer.

By participating in this promotion you don’t lose the prerogative of claiming a welcome bonus or the temporary available free spins. You receive 10 bonus rounds up front and then your deposit will also be matched, so winning something in his new tournament is just the icing on the cake.

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I'm scoring a hattrick
Even if it wasn’t for the bonus rounds, I would’ve still play this great game and boost my enthusiasm for Euro 2016.
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