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The €20,000 Head-to-Head Battle Continues at InterCasino

Sunday, 25 February 2018 11:43 Written by

InterCasino wants players to work together for the greater good and at the same time stimulate competition between participating members. The result is a promotion that has a guaranteed prize pool of €20,000 and invites players into teams. The decision to choose team X for Y is arbitrary, because the odds of winning are exactly the same. This competition has a winner takes all structure, so come in second best doesn’t really help your cause.

The good news is that the eligibility requirements are more than reasonable and anyone can participate after making the deposit of €50. The next step is to place a minimum of 25 bets and accumulate no less than 200 points on every round. Players accumulate points when betting in increments of €4 or currency equivalent and can use the money to support their team. The leaderboard is updated in real-time, so there’s no delay in finding out about your position online.

To speed up the process, players are advised to focus on selected games which triggered double points. There are several rounds and these only conclude at the end of the month, so there is still time to sign up and participate in this campaign. The games triggering double points cover all genres, so you can expect roulette, slots and video pokers to appear on that list.

Players can monitor the performance of their team by checking out the points tracker. Ideally, everyone should spend more time to gamble, in order to make a bigger contribution. The profits made during this promotion belong to players who can use them as they see fit. The winning team will receive €5000 at the end of each stage, with a total of €20,000 to be awarded.

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