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InterCasino takes you from Paris to Milan this October

Saturday, 21 October 2017 13:47 Written by

InterCasino loves vacations as much as you do and wants to make sure that you don’t spend too much time in one place. In order to do that, it will provide you with the cash prizes you need to fulfill your dreams. This is the first step but the most important one since so many people are forced to stay at home because they lack the money. Luckily for you this won’t be the case and with the money provided by the casino you will have the means to travel from Paris to Milan.

These are the two popular destinations for the vacations in vision by the casino and it’s definitely worth checking them out both. The new promotions started on February 20 and will conclude a week later, so there is a rather narrow window of opportunity. Depending on how much time you have to play games here, you can move up the leaderboard faster or slower.

No player is left behind and even those who bet tiny amounts and spend less time online are going to make incremental progress. The main advantage of participating in a leaderboard promotion is that you don’t depend exclusively on luck and can make your own fortune. Perseverance and commitment are lavishly rewarded and you can quantify progress easily.

Players are informed about how they fare in the standings by the casino which provides them with regular updates. With all this assistance, you don’t fall behind the schedule and can always recuperate the ground lost. InterCasino will also offer free spins on most of its slots like it usually does, so the regular incentives are still here. You can use them to play your favorite games and still participate in the leaderboard offer.

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