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100 players to receive share of 1000 free spins at Kaboo Casino

Sunday, 14 August 2016 10:57 Written by

Kaboo Casino hands a natural inclination to scare if players for all the good reasons. Not only the name of this casino, but also the promotions it runs seem to be tilted into this direction. It’s going to be much easier for those who haven’t played here before to start their journey on the right foot. That’s because the number of free spins available has increased significantly. There are distinct possibilities for both new and existing members to unlock additional bonus rounds, since the prize pool was boosted to 1000 free spins.

The window of opportunity however is pretty narrow, so you need to act within 24 hours to win it all. The spring starts on Sunday and concludes at midnight, with the winners being notified Monday morning at the first hour. You can sleep tight after participating in this campaign, because customer support will let you know if you want something. Furthermore, the terms and conditions are so transparent, that there are no doubts about the potential winnings.

1000 free spins divided to 100 players

You don’t need to be a mathematician to realize that if the guaranteed prize pool of 1000 free spins is split to 100 players, each will get 10. Unlike other competitions which tends to reward those who finish at the top of the food chain, this campaign is more evenhanded. The idea is to present as many players as possible with an incentive to play here and this promo brilliantly captures the very essence of this motto.

There are thousands of players who have an account and many more who contemplate the possibility of opening one. That’s why there are no guarantees for actually walking away with the 10 no deposit free spins. However, you only need to be among the 100 players to receive this bonus, so you’ve got your fair chances and you should give up. If you have an account sign up immediately, if not set one up and see what happens over the next couple of days.

The good news is that the casino doesn’t expect to go out of your way and make difficult financial commitments. In fact, it is happy enough if you return every now and then to see what has changed and which are the new winning opportunities. Kaboo Casino runs multiple promotions and many of them run simultaneously, so players can participate in several campaigns at once. In the less fortunate case that you don’t receive the 10 free spins, remember that there are plenty of other opportunities to seize.

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# 0 Iulia
100 is a crowd
Are not the luckiest of online players, but I’m pretty sure I can join the crowd of 100 Kaboo Casino players who win something.
2016-08-14 11:10 Reply
# 0 SHAZZAR0808
Wow love the sound of free. I'm gunnar try my luck and hopefully il be 1 of many winners
2016-09-09 19:27 Reply

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