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Prepare for the Kaboo after-party this weekend

Friday, 07 July 2017 16:58 Written by

Kaboo casino is not your regular operator who kindly asked Sue to play the same games over and over again. It is a place where new games are added all the time and their promotions change focus from one game to the other at a fast pace. Its loyalty system is fully fledged and the VIP scheme will reward those who persevere, even if they don’t exceed at first. There are bonuses to keep you busy and put your bankroll, but also exclusive events such as the after party scheduled for this weekend.

What usually happens is that the best promotions start on Friday and conclude on Sunday at midnight. Sometimes players try to make the most of the opportunities presented to them over the weekend and a less active from Monday to Thursday. That’s precisely why the casino is running a new campaign, that will offer a total of 50 echoes to the luckiest and most dedicated players. It all starts on Sunday at midnight, so if you have plans for the weekend, this offer won’t interfere with them at all.

Collect backstage passes to win big

Kaboo casino came up with an interesting idea for this promotion and tries to make it as immersive as possible. Players who were hoping for more interactive systems when it came to promotions will be happy to see that the casino is meeting the expectations. Players are supposed to collect backstage passes by playing eligible games. These count as tokens for the upcoming raffle, so you can put them to good use in a matter of days. The decision to schedule the raffle for the weekend is only apparently surprising but makes perfect sense.

The schedule for this campaign is pretty simple to follow, since it all started on July 3 and will conclude on July 25. The names of the qualifying games will change every four days, so you have a relatively narrow window of opportunity. This doesn’t mean that players are likely to get bored because the games are fun to play and are compatible with mobile devices. If you collect more tokens, they improve your odds of winning the surprise prizes, so you got good reasons to make more deposit and play often.

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