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600 Karamba players guaranteed to claim a prize

Thursday, 26 May 2016 14:09 Written by

Karamba casino has been right from the start an online gambling operator paying a lot of attention to what the masses demand. The casino never tried to focus on the elite and even though it has a fully fledged VIP program, it is more interested in keeping the vast majority of players satisfied. The best proof is that some of their most generous promotions will not award the vast majority of the guaranteed prize pool to a handful of players, but instead will fairly distributed the amount.

This is also the case with the latest offer, which has just been unveiled and is supposed to serve the purpose of building enthusiasm for the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament. Even though all its members play exclusively casino games and there are no sports betting options, the Football: Champions Cup video slot has a number of fans. It is only fair to assume that some of them bet on sports elsewhere, while coming here for the generous bonuses up for grabs.

This particular promotion will reward 600 players, with massive prizes and the minimum commitment that makes participation possible for everyone. A total of €70,000 will be divided among winners and this means that the average price will exceed €100, which is not an amount to frown upon. The name of this promotion is Karamba-Ball 2016, one that should linger in the minds of prospective players for long enough to sign up.

The campaign will run for two weeks, starting today, so it will conclude on the very day the European championship starts. This means that the transition will be silky smooth and participated players will be well prepared for the European football show. Most of the prizes consist of ice code cash, which is actually good news, since money can be easily transferred out or use for other gambling purposes. Free spins are also up for grabs and players can redeem them on any video slots.

The best things come to those who win the main prize, which consists of a six night football trip at the euro 2016. The dates and venues are yet to begin to, but regardless of what matches players get to see, they are certain to enjoy a quality show. Maybe, the casino will allow players to choose the games they want to attend, so if you hope to see your national team perform in France, this is the time to act.

Meanwhile, all the other campaigns and promotions that were currently in effect were extended, including the generous Karamba Welcome Package any deposit of at least €10 will be matched by 100%, with the best return on investment for those who deposit €200. Regardless of how much money you feel comfortable committing, you will also receive 20 free spins that can be used immediately on any of the video slots available. If you make a second deposit of €20 or more, you receive an extra 40 bonus rounds.

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