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Race to Riches with Ladbrokes Casino

Thursday, 02 June 2016 00:03 Written by

When most online casinos sign up for real money account, they don’t expect to win a fortune, especially when they have limited resources. It can be extremely frustrating for players to make subsequent deposits without receiving anything in return. That’s why Ladbrokes Casino believes in immediate gratification and tries to make it as easy as possible for its members to win prizes gradually.

While you are waiting for the big breakthrough that will make you a major winning in the world of online casinos, you should take the occasional profits. These are the ones that can help you stay afloat and offset the negative effects of downswings and occasional bad beats. Depending on how successful you are at managing your bankroll, you will be up winner in the long run or you barely breakeven.

For the time being, there are a couple of promotions that players should pay attention to and some of them can be used in conjunction with existing offers. For example, players are invited to gallop into action and explore the new slot machines dedicated to horse racing. They were introduced in the wake of some important racing events and were at the cornerstone of previous promotions. They presented horse racing fans with the best of both worlds, as they receive casino bonuses when wagering in the sports betting area.

This weekend, the rules have changed but only slightly and the bonuses come in the form of €5000. This is the guaranteed prize pool for this current promotion, but don’t expect to win the entire amount. It will be distributed among 300 of the participants, so there is a good chance for many of those who sign up to receive a prize. The amounts are decreased as we move further away from the top, but as long as you are in the first 300 players, you won’t go home empty-handed.

Simple math will reveal the fact that the smallest prizes consist of double digit paychecks, a far cry from the jackpot players are secretly hoping for. Even if you are the main winner, you won’t receive more than €500, so you have to stay active and rely on luck in your future endeavors. On the bright side, this is a sufficient amount for beginners and those who don’t have a fixed bankroll yet, but fully understand the importance of proper bankroll management.

The terms and conditions applying to all promotions are in effect here, so you will have to abide by these rules when signing up. Players are also supposed to focus on the games that can be found in the casino section before the entire bonus has been cleared. It is not permitted to bet on sports or play poker before meeting the wagering requirements and there are serious sections for those who bend the rules. If you want to be allowed to participate in future promos, comply with them and everything will be hunky-dory.

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This is one inspiring story
If I win the free cash, you can count on my compliance as I’m not a rule breaker in any way.
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