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Mr Green’s €20k Live Beyond Live Battles Continue in June

Sunday, 10 June 2018 00:11 Written by

Mr Green casino is a big promoter of live casino games and over the last couple of weeks it has expanded its portfolio. The timing is perfect to celebrate the Live Beyond Live Battles, a campaign that will continue this month. What has changed compared to last month that there are two leader boards of €10,000 each, so there’s more money to go around.

The rules are straightforward and anyone who plays a minimum of 10 hands of at least €5 will accumulate 10 points. This is the quota for blackjack and points are accumulated at the same pace for roulette. Instead of playing 10 hands, one would have to spin the roulette wheel 10 times, but otherwise everything is the same. When playing roulette, players should refrain from betting on more than 70% of the table.

A total of 100 players will collect a share of the guaranteed prize pool, so there’s also competition between participants. €10,000 might seem like a lot of money, but you need to be among the most successful 102 have a shot at the payout. It’s entirely up to you to bet smaller or larger amounts, as long as you can keep things sustainable. Mr Green has started this promotion today and will conclude on Wednesday 13th, so you’ve got your chances.

The live casino games here are some of the best that can be found online. This promotion is aimed at shedding more light on the latest additions, while bringing into the spotlight the versions of live roulette and blackjack already available. You can use your mobile device to enjoy them all and to participate in this campaign. The prizes are free from wagering requirements, so winners can choose to withdraw them right away.

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