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The Christmas Calendar continues at Mr Green Casino

Thursday, 01 December 2016 21:58 Written by

Mr Green Casino players have been waiting anxiously for December to come. They know all too well that this is the best month of the year, in terms of promotions and special bonuses. All casinos are very generous, but these guys know exactly what needs to be done to keep players happy. You can tap into the generosity of their campaigns by opening a real money account or loading the existing one. In any case, you qualify for financial incentives that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Casino representatives have decorated the website, in such a way that it will get you in the Christmas spirit very quickly. The promotion that goes by the name of Christmas Calendar have actually started on the first week of November and will continue until January. You’ve got until January 8, 2017 to make the most of this opportunity, so there’s no need to hurry. At the same time, players should postpone enrollment, because the longer they wait, the fewer bonuses will be left to collect.

Sign up and win a share of the guaranteed prize pool

If you need further arguments in favor of joining this campaign, you should know that the total number of prizes is worth €350,000. That’s a lot of money even though the prizes are divided among many participants, so you won’t walk away with a puny amount. A new offer is available every day and if you’re active enough, you are going to claim all the prizes quickly. There are no restrictions whatsoever, so those who participate today can sign up tomorrow and every day until the promotion ends.

There are also three distinct races that players should pay attention to and each of them runs for one week. Bet on top of the campaign mentioned above, so you can win even more paychecks without doing anything out of the ordinary. Just go to the promotions page and click the “unwrap today” button to receive the first paycheck. There will be many other opportunities for you down the road, but none of them as straightforward as this one.

Players can accumulate a maximum of 50 tickets per day when they play roulette. Every 10 spins will generate a ticket, so you need to be pretty active to hit this ceiling. After the first stage companies on December 5, the next one start and it will last until December 11. The final race will conclude on December 18, so that’s pretty much the deadline of this promotion.

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I really like the way this online casino knows how to keep players happy and that’s why I’ve stuck to it for so long.
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