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Mr Green Casino sends you to Grand Events

Thursday, 08 June 2017 10:40 Written by

You could be watching the major sports competitions and clear favorite actors sing on TV or over the Internet. The alternative is to travel to the place where these talented individuals perform live and enjoy the real thrills. The expenses can be prohibitive in many cases and that’s why Mr Green Casino meets its players half way with an irresistible deal. The proposition made by the casino is one that is guaranteed to appeal to a broad spectrum of enthusiastic customers.

Right now, you could win VIP places to a memorable event that is scheduled to take place in June. This is not the first opportunity of this type and past performance is reassuring to say the least. To put things into perspective, to lucky players have already watched the Champions League final in Cardiff at the beginning of June. The promotion start in the second half of May and for nearly 20 days players had a shot at winning the tickets. To lucky winners travel to the capital city of Wales for a memorable trip.

Another fantastic experience to enjoy in June

The Champions League is behind us and there is no point in crying over spilled milk. Those who gave their best shot at winning the tickets but failed, we’ll have a new opportunity to enjoy something special this month. The best part is that they don’t even have to wait for too long, since the exciting occasion is just around the corner. Mr Green Casino has prepared a great surprise for those who like quality music and enjoy traveling. The destination is London and Ed Sheeran is the artist performing live there.

It’s been a while since he went on to and that’s what makes this opportunity so special even for those who are not necessarily huge fans. There are not many artists out there who can brag about a similar voice and that’s what makes it so exciting to watch him live. In order to give yourself a chance at winning the coveted tickets, you need to enter the Mr Green Casino VIP club first. This is just one step but a very important one so start moving up the ladder as soon as possible. If you end up winning the luxury package, you will spend quality time in a five-star hotel and have everything paid by the casino.

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