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Choose Your Trip Destination with Mr Green Casino

Sunday, 06 August 2017 11:45 Written by

Mr Green Casino knows that there are plenty of great places and things to see during summertime. It meet players half way with a promotion that will send them to memorable vacations, all across Europe. Currently there are six possible destinations for those who agree to sign up for their promotion and all of them are amazing. London, Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Athens are on the list and the eligibility requirements are quite reasonable.

The new promotion has started the beginning of the week and will conclude on the final day of August, so there’s plenty of time to sign up. Having said this, players are advised to join the competition as soon as possible, to increase their chances of winning. The first step is to play NetEnt’s Around the World Roulette Table every day between 2 AM and 2 PM. A 12 hour window of opportunity should be enough for players to get familiar with the games and enter the raffle for the coveted prizes.

A Ticket for every 10 rounds played

The conversion rate is quite impressive and players will collect a ticket each time they play a minimum of 10 rounds on the qualifying games. Simple math will reveal the fact that players who compete in 15 rounds on a daily basis will receive the maximum number of five tickets. It is not possible to go beyond this threshold, but players who persevere and accumulate the maximum tickets and improve their chances. The first stage started on August 31 and there will be five more opportunities until August 30.

The best case scenario is to win a vacation to the destination of choice, but the other places are definitely worth visiting. The package consists of the equivalent of €3000 and includes flights and private return airport transfers. Players will spend some quality time visiting the city and accommodation is also paid for as a four-star hotel. Breakfast, entertainment and €250 in spending money is also guaranteed, so there are no sacrifices to be made. Last but definitely not least, players can also win some of the cash prizes ranging from a minimum of €10 to a maximum of €250.

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