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Final Chance to Grab Golden Palace Casino Ultimate Ski Holiday Bonuses

Sunday, 06 January 2019 13:48 Written by

Time is quickly running out for those who enjoy skiing and winter sports, because there are only two good months to enjoy them. On the bright side, this is still enough time to have a lot of fun before spring finally arrives and there are plenty of exceptional destinations to visit. Perhaps the only better way to enjoy winter sports in January and February is by winning an all paid vacation. This is precisely the proposition that Golden Palace Casino makes to its players who are ready to gamble this week.

The Ultimate Ski Holiday online promotion has started in the first days of 2019 and it will continue until the end of next week. Winners will be randomly determined, so if you are new player or a veteran, the odds of winning will stay the same. There are however certain ways to improve the odds of prevailing, since players can collect more raffles for the draw. On Sunday at midnight the campaign will come to an end and the winners will be announced the very next day, on Monday.

Win an all paid vacation to Geneva

Switzerland is a popular winter destination for those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding and for good reason. The odds are amazing and the slopes are breathtaking, so the only thing to worry about is the high cost of such a vacation. Now don’t have to worry about prohibitive prices, since the casino is going to pay for everything and you can simply enjoy the great outdoors. The prospect of spending a couple of nights in a luxurious hotel is of course enticing, even for those who had no plans for vacation.

Golden Palace Casino is known for honor in its commitments and always uphold its and of the deal, as long as players do their part as one. The Ultimate Ski Holiday promotion is just one of the many campaigns available here, but it should be at the top of the priority list. That’s because time is quickly running out and with only one week left, it is important not to postpone enrollment. Each time players bet €10 on the eligible slot they earn a ticket for the raffle so they can improve the odds of winning this way.

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