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Smart Live Casino adds 3 Card Brag poker

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 07:52 Written by

Smart Live Casino is launching games faster than if players can cope with but this is actually great news. It means that even if you have a lot of time and plenty of enthusiasm for online gambling, you never get bored with once available. Slot machine fans know for a fact that they enjoy preferential treatment, since they have significantly more games than all their counterparts. For table games and video pokers, the options are far less numerous but still exciting. And now things just took a turn for the better, as the casino has announced the imminent release of a tri card poker variety called 3 Card Brag.

Since this game is only available as a handful of casinos, players who choose it will feel special and for good reason. The game is played with the deck of 52 cards and all jokers need to be removed for the game to commence. The rules are slightly different compared to the standard tri card poker variety, but the similarities are much more numerous. Dealers will still need to qualify for the hand to continue but the payout tables are more generous and the return to player is on average 98%.

3 Card Brag poker pays very well

As always when it comes to video pokers, using optimum strategy is mandatory to improve your chances. The 98% mentioned above represents the average return to player, but the numbers can be further improved if you play your cards right. To put things into perspective, somebody who uses perfect strategy can expect to push the limits to more than 100% which is spectacular to say the least. Amateurs will have no problem in learning the rules and get a better understanding of the payouts which are clearly displayed.

If you have an account with Smart Live Casino and act quickly, you will also be eligible for bonuses for making certain hands. The combined amounts can go as high as $50, which is quite a lot of money when it comes to video pokers. You can put this amount to good use right away, with no delays whatsoever and even reinvest the money in another game of 3 Card Brag. This is a breath of fresh air for the casino industry and we can only hope that more innovative games will be added 2017.

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