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Win Weekly Roulette Prizepots at William Hill Casino

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:26 Written by

William Hill Casino has a vibrant table game section, with roulette being at the cornerstone of its compendium of games. Many of those who play here prefer to trade the random number generator for real dealers. It’s a commonsense action, given the fact that this is the manner in which table games are usually play. In brick-and-mortar casinos, you can interact not only with the dealers, but also fellow players and this is great news if you are interested in keeping the games fun.

The Weekly £10,000 Roulette Prizepot promotion that is underway allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Since you will be spending time in the select company of real dealers, they will be nothing preventing you from talking to them. They are fun, professional and fluent in English, so your interactions with them will be top class. Furthermore, those who participate in this campaign are going to compete for the weekly price full of €10,000.

Three distinct prize pools participants

One of the interesting things about this promotion is that it actually consists of three interconnected competitions. Depending on how many times the chosen number is selected, you will be competing for prizes from a select prize pool. To simplify matters, there are three such pools, with amounts ranging from €500-€1500 and eventually €8000. The difference is considerable, but the odds of hitting the same number five times our remote, so it’s easy to explain the situation.

As long as you bet on the number and it is decide the winner, three, four or five times your guaranteed to receive a prize pool. It depends on how many players achieve a similar performance because will be splitting the money with them. The competition is exciting and you will be able to learn more about the performance of fellow players by checking out the updated results. There’s little you can do about it, but it is still nice to know how many players who are competing against and how much money is up for grabs

If you find the terms and conditions of this promotion exciting, you should know a thing or two about the qualifying games. Only action unfolding at the Mayfair Live Roulette, Vegas Live Roulette and Macau Live Roulette tables counts for this promotion. The upside is that you can play on mobile devices, desktop computers or pretty much any gadget with an Internet connection and qualify for the prizes.

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# 0 Elliot
Spinnin' for big wins
I remember I hit one number three times in a row back in the day, but I can’t recall if it was the same number.
2016-10-26 00:35 Reply

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