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Win a Mini Cooper at Winner Casino

Friday, 09 December 2016 00:18 Written by

How would you like to drive away in a Mini Cooper this Christmas? Don’t answer this, because this is obviously a rhetorical question aimed that catch your eye. Winner casino is actually making this proposition to all its members as well as prospective customers. You could be a new player or someone who has been around for a long time. For them it makes no difference because all those who play here are entitled to dream of such a vehicle.

The best part of winning the Mini Cooper is that it is a great choice for both boys and girls, so all players will enjoy the car. To celebrate the festive season, the casino is going to hold a special raffle on December 25. This is just in time to make Santa Claus blast with envy, knowing that they can’t possibly match this gift. The thing is that you can’t simply wait for Christmas and hope for the best, but instead you need to take action and improvise a little bit.

How to win this fantastic car?

If you want to participate in this promotion, do yourself a favor and make a deposit. You would have to deposit at least €100 until December 25 to be eligible for the prize. This might sound like a lot of money and for many players it is, but then again the return on investment is equally generous. The next step is to start playing the eligible games and ideally players should wager in increments of €50 at a time.

Each time you make this investment, you’re going to receive one entry for the raffle, so the more you spend the better the chances to win. If you are using a mobile device for gambling, then you are twice as lucky because these gadgets will earn you twice as many draw entries. The bottom line is that you take no chances in addition to what regular players take and you benefit from more tokens. They winners are going to be notified on December 31 and the names will be posted on the casino page.

There are plenty of other prizes to be won in addition to the dream car, with a total of €1000 to be divided among winners. The amounts differ greatly depending on how successful they were, but nobody will go home empty-handed, so start depositing and playing.

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# 0 Tangerine
Drivin' away
If I win this car, I will be forever grateful to Winner Casino as I’m in desperate need for a ride.
2016-12-09 00:24 Reply

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