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Winner’s Comp Points just got more numerous

Thursday, 19 January 2017 12:55 Written by

Winner Casino has always been more interested in providing top-quality content instead of quality. This approach also applies to the bonuses it offers, which explains the generosity of most of their promotions. Having said this, there are plenty of players who are hoping for an extended lineup of freebies, especially now that the new year has started. It is customary for online casinos to offer better rewards to those who stick to them and the loyalty program is not to be ignored either.

At the cornerstone of any loyalty scheme there are comp points, which act as incentives for those who have spent a lot of time gambling online. They are accumulated regardless of the outcome of their gaming venture, so you still earn that even when you. It is only a pale consolation for highrollers and players who see their profits dissipating into thin air. In the long run however, this can make the difference and the players afloat even if you less successful over the course of one month.

A better way of using Winner Casino comp points

Very little has changed in regard to the manner in which comp points are accumulated, so existing players won’t have any problem in adjusting. Basically, they will still collect these bonus points whenever they spend real money at any of the games available. The new thing is that the ratio at which they are earned has improved and it’s much easier to date to reap these rewards. The same games qualify for bonuses, so you don’t miss out on anything if you switch from table games to slots and video pokers.

As you embark on the epic quest of becoming a VIP player, you should know that points are earned at a ratio of one for every €10 wagered. Since Winner Casino allows players to deposit and wager in other currencies as well, the equivalent applies. It is true that some games have the tendency of producing more comp points and video slots are a shining example.

Perhaps it would be wise to stick to them if you want to speed up the process, but it is not a mandatory approach.
In order to convert comp points into cash, you can press a button and the casino will take care of all the rest. Even though these points are extinguished when players turn them in for money, they still count towards the VIP position. The progress you make is irreversible and you will ultimately join the group.

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Thanks for the update
I’ve notice that my recent activities at Winner Casino have resulted in the accumulation of more comp points, but I didn’t know the reason.
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