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€50 Free for every new Friend you bring to Winner Casino

Monday, 01 May 2017 13:51 Written by

Winner Casino relies on its players to spread the news about the high quality of services it offers. At the same time, it actively promotes the brand and does everything in its power to get the message across. There are several ways to achieve this and the most effective one is to simply present players with financial incentives. If you bring your friends here, then you will receive financial compensation and the ones you recommend will also bask in their generous offer.

This win-win situation is not exactly a novelty, but the new terms are arguably more favorable than what was offered so far. Those who refer their friends to the online casino will collect a €50 bonus for every recommendation they make. There are no limitations whatsoever, so if you’re a very popular individual you can make a lot of money. The quality of the casino products make it easier to convince others to tag along and you won’t have second thoughts about voucher in for these guys. Since everybody receives a cash prize, your friends will not require a lot of convincing and will join by their own volition.

Win Big By Inviting Friends

In order to qualify for the promotion code Refer a Friend you need to have a real account you are self and convince others to do the same. The casino will provide you with the necessary link, so you can use it on social media or send it across email just as easily. In a couple of seconds players will be registered for a real money account and all those involved will be promptly compensated. Winner Casino wants to make the process as straightforward as possible and that’s why players can recommend for friends at the time.

There are a couple of instructions that one needs to follow in order to make sure that he or she complies with the terms and conditions. They make perfect sense and require no effort whatsoever so this is only a tiny additional step made in the right direction. In order to receive bigger bonuses players can simply repeat the process over and over again and invite more friends. The casino will welcome them all with open arms and will keep awarding prizes of €50 each time.

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