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Winner Casino has a treat of a prize for you

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 22:44 Written by

Winner Casino wants you to feel victorious when you play its impressive collection of games. Even more titles were added over the last couple of weeks, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. In order to simplify matters and also reward those who play selected games, the casino runs a special promotion. Its goal is to make players aware of the popularity and lucrative nature of table games. These are usually regarded as second-best games, after slot machines which rank at the top of the list.

Right now, the game to focus on is Roulette and you need to play the one compatible with real dealers. The good news is that most varieties of roulette match the profile so you won’t have any problems in figuring out the payouts. You can play any of the games available because action never runs out at live dealer tables. The promotion is actually a tournament, so you will be competing against the dealers, the house edge but also your peers.

Let the fun begin at roulette tables

Beating the game of roulette is not that difficult as one might think, even if you don’t have any previous experience. The house edge is pretty low and if you are only marginally lucky, you have a decent chance at finishing the session with more money than what you started. When you participate in a tournament however, you need to factor in other things besides the outcome of individual rounds. Proper bankroll management is essential, to outshine your peers and to stay ahead of the pack all the time.

If you participate in this tournament, Winner Casino is willing to reward you with various prices that range from cash to free spins. It’s probably a bit surprising for a table games promotion to rewards free spins which can only be used on slot machines. However, the casino tries to convince his players that they should broaden their horizon and try different games.

Since you receive stuff for free, it is more likely to take a leap of faith with a game you don’t necessarily play on a daily basis.
The best case scenario for those who participate in this promotion is to win the all paid vacation to London. You’ll spend some quality time in the capital of the former Empire and enjoy its vibrant nightlife, shopping and fine restaurants. The casino will provide you with everything from flight and accommodation to pocket money. You only need to bring enthusiasm with you.

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THe crown jewel
I’ve travel to London on several occasions and I can’t wait to return to this beautiful city.
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