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Grosvenor Casino has the gadget you are looking for

Sunday, 20 December 2015 16:45 Written by

Land-based casinos in United Kingdom are offering some of the best services in this industry and Grosvenor has some of the finest establishments. Over the Internet, they tried to keep the bar just as high and run an online gambling venture that rivals the industry leaders. With the Christmas holidays approaching quickly, they know that it is time to raise the antes and introduce new promotions that are going to meet the increasingly high expectations of their players.

Many online casinos are offering prizes and bonuses to those who wager real currency, but if you play at Grosvenor Casino, you could win some truly remarkable prizes. The best case scenario is to walk away with a 4K HD TV, but there are also thousands of Euros to be won during the promotional period. This new campaign has started on December 9 and will conclude at the end of the month, so we are halfway through with this generous campaign.

Many participants are here for the money and a total of €4000 is going to be divided among them, so they’ve got good reasons to keep playing. This campaign is based on merit rather than luck and that’s why players are invited to be active and wager more money than they usually do. Their efforts will be rewarded, because if they finish among the top 20, they will receive a share of the €1000 and the winner will collect an elegant Apple watch.

Assuming you finish outside the top 20 but where within the first 100 players, you will enter the second stage of the competition. The guaranteed prize pool for this race consists of €4000 and also the aforesaid 4K TV, so you have another excellent chance to win something truly special. Once again, 20 players who finish at the top of the leaderboard are going to collect a share of €1000 and this time they will walk away with an iPod Touch.

All participants regardless of how successful they were until December 23 will enter the competition for the final raffle and this is when the Samsung 4K HD TV can be won. Apple users enjoy preferential treatment is once again, because they will have a chance to win the newly released watch, an iPod touch and other gadgets. Past performance can serve as an accurate indicator about what the future will bring and 16 December raffle speaks volumes about the generosity of this campaign.

Hundreds of Euros were already awarded and all the players are still alive and kicking in the final stage of the competition which will result in even more gadgets being won. Those who win cash prizes will not have to meet wagering requirements and if they choose to cash out their profits, they can do it immediately. Those who shop on Amazon, should know that one day before Christmas, one player will win a Amazon Fire 7” and one week later someone will claim a Amazon Fire TV.

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