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Check out the Grosvenor Casino loyalty card

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 15:35 Written by

Grosvenor Casino is a well known and respectable brand in United Kingdom, with a couple of luxurious land-based casinos. Those who gamble here know all too well that they can feel safe when playing their favorite games. Most of those who make the transition to the online division can confirm the fact that very little has changed and the few changes are actually for the better. The one that sits at the top of the list is the fact that now bonuses are available and both new and existing members benefit.

Occasional promotions can only do that much and players will need to make the most of this rare opportunities. Sometimes they convert the bonuses into cash, on other occasions, they are unable to withdraw anything and need to wait for the next promotion. While this is how the game is played and you can’t expect to win all the time, there are other long-term advantages to consider. For instance, there is a loyalty scheme that is supposed to provide players with a constant incentive to play along.

Collect play points and spend them for cash

Grosvenor Casino added not so long ago, the gold loyalty card and this is where all the play points are stored. The best part is that you can now use them in both land-based locations and over the Internet, for the first time ever. This is a tempting proposition that the online casino makes and many members have already jumped on the bandwagon. Those interested are supposed to link the card, to signal their intention of being a part of this promotion.

They can use the points to collect cash or by gifts for their friends, as well as plenty of branded merchandise for themselves. Regardless of how they choose monetize their fidelity, they can rest assured that all the hours put into gambling will make a difference. Many choose to receive luxury hotel breaks, the latest gadgets for the prizes that can change their lives for the better.

In order to simplify their decision, Grosvenor Casino has a catalog of gifts, where players can spend their points. Once you make up your mind, you need to know to make all the product and the ID number, before using the points online or in a local casino. Those who live in London have even more reasons to sign up for this promotion, as there is no shortage of brick-and-mortar locations here. Players who have a Gold card will automatically become Gold customers, which are the equivalent of VIP members.

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The longer you play...
Finally a way to quantify all those long hours spent gambling, even when I didn’t win anything.
2016-07-20 15:41 Reply

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