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Winner Casino's Wild Weekend has arrived

Sunday, 03 July 2016 00:25 Written by

If you don’t have any plans for this weekend or the next ones this month for what matters, please refrain from getting busy. It’s obviously tempting to go out more and spend quality time in the sunshine and nobody will blame you if you choose to act this way. However, you should at least know that there are plenty of good reasons for staying indoors and Winner Casino has a couple of strong arguments.

The online gambling operator will be running a special promotion this month and the bonuses up for grabs will be awarded to those who play over the weekend. The struggle is real for those who have a day job, because this is the time of the week when they have the opportunity to go out and take a break from online gambling. At the same time, the prizes are so tempting that it makes perfect sense to commit a couple of hours to online gambling.

Deposit over the weekend

To put things into perspective, you should know that with a minimal effort, you could be one of the lucky winners. This is a fortunate position and it will result in players winning a brand-new iPhone 6S. The flagship smartphone developed by the Cupertino giant could be yours, as long as you opt in for this promotion and make a deposit of €20. It is not sufficient to gamble over the weekend, as players are also supposed to make the investment on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

There is no need to deposit in each of these days, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to make subsequent investments. This would only result in the consolidation of your bankroll, so you will have more resources at your disposal to play your favorite games. A bigger bankroll will also result in players making the transition to higher limits much faster, which in turn leads to bigger payouts.

Before you start thinking about the possibilities of getting rich and contemplate the side effects of participating in this promotion, you should learn the terms and conditions. There are just a couple of rules that players need to abide by and only those who are at least 18 years old can participate. This is a common sense requirements that applies to all serious online casinos and Winner makes no exception.

It is also mandatory to make a deposit on one of the qualifying days but only after opting in for this promotion. This is an action that requires minimal effort and the click of a mouse is sufficient to set the wheels in motion. If you do your part and follow these simple and straightforward steps, you would be on your rooms to winning an amazing smart phone. This promotion is supposed to run live until the end of the month, but the online casino reserves the right to terminate it without notice.

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# 0 Kevin
Two phones can't hurt
I already have an iPhone 6S but I’m quite certain I wouldn’t have any problem in selling a new one for a few hundred Euros.
2016-07-03 00:34 Reply

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