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Don’t fear loses anymore at Winner Casino

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 15:32 Written by

When people sign up for real money account with an online casino, they secretly hope to win a life-changing amount. That’s the reason for why they gamble in the first place, so it comes as no surprise that they set high goals for themselves. Sometimes plans backfire badly and when this happens, gamblers lose a lot of money bankrolls are destroyed in the process. Winner Casino knows all that and that’s why it runs on of the most generous reimbursement schemes to be found online.

In order to be the beneficiary of this program, you would have to focus on the games in the Vegas section. Don’t let this have a deterring effect on you, because the most popular games are here, including the latest slot machines. You would hit two birds with one stone, since you get to play some of the best and newest titles, while having a safety net in place. Reimbursement only kicks in when players lose money, so this is not obviously the thing they have in mind when joining this promotion.

The purpose of this campaign is to make players balder and encourage them to make the transition to higher limits. If you know that you can lose a lot of money, you are reluctant to move to the next level and Waste time by playing below your possibilities. The refund is set for 25% and this cashback applies exclusively to the net losses. What this means that you need to subtract all the profits you make over the course of one week and the remaining amount is the one that gets refunded.

Diminishing returns in the long run

This promotion lasts indefinitely, but players only benefit from a 25% reimbursement during the first week. They get free spins and a no deposit bonus, then have their deposits matched further, to build a healthy bankroll. In conjunction, all these factors should help players start on the right foot, but they still need assistance due to their lack of experience. This is when most players and up losing a lot of money, as they are not familiar with the gambling routine.

Until they learn a thing or two about slot machines and improve your bankroll management, Winner Casino will keep helping them. Once the 25% cashback expires, layers will have to settle for a refund of only 10% of their net losses. The system doesn’t change at all, so you will still recuperate a part of your money lost, just not as much as you did during the first week.
Regular players, might find this campaign less exciting than some of the other promotions running live at this online casino. However, for highrollers this is a godsend, because 10% can represent a lot of money.

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Feelin' like a winner
I hope I never need the reimbursement, because I’m a highly successful gambler who finishes above the breakeven line all the time.
2016-07-20 15:43 Reply

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