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Differences among machines

differences slots machines

A huge diversity

Certain traditional types of slot machines are well-known among the fans of the field. Today, with the arrival of technology, we can find a huge diversity of slot machines, since they adapt to every style of game. The most innovative machines are sometimes featured by a touch-screen offering hundreds of new funny symbols.

Moreover, players have the opportunity to opt for a specific game. In this situation, it is important to pay attention to the grids reporting payments and related rules systems. This diversity allows every player to try their luck.

Thus, each type of slot machine has a specific functioning model which can be sometimes advantageous and disadvantageous at other times.

Slot machines with multiple paylines

Both in the older machines with rollers and in last versions with touch screen function, different lines produce a gain. They can come out in many different ways: horizontally, vertically or even in zigzag on the screen. Thus, the playing method is different since the player can bet one or more credits on one or more lines (up, down, diagonal).

This system is conceived to be played with this principle. It is also possible to bet one credit on one line, but this is not advantageous. Indeed, if the gain is on the line on which the player did not bet, s/he will not win and the frustration will be strong.

In order to get to know the world of slot machines , they are explained in this section. Players will have, in this way, the opportunity to get familiar with progressive machines, interactive machines and those presenting themes.