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Progressive machines

progressives slots

Individual and collective jackpot

Within casinos, users can observe the presence of a grid called Carousel or also Bank. It puts together all of the progressive machines in which the money collected allows the jackpot to increase. The total amount is generally posted in height on a bright screen.

In this situation, the system is similar to the lottery’s one. The Jackpot can be calculated in two different modalities:

  • On several machines within the casino
  • On different machines within several casinos like Megabucks. The latter takes into account all of the bets made in Nevada.

Jackpot’s calculation

The method is really simple, a certain percentage is applied on every bet. The total of them gives form to the jackpot which tends to grow quickly when the number of players becomes considerable.

The players has to wonder about the advantages of this type of machine. Those who would like to win modest amounts of money have the opportunity to obtain a higher number of probabilities at the so called “classic” machines. On the other hand, those players who long for the highest jackpot must focus on the progressive slot machines. However, players need to know that the jackpot is certainly impressive, but the probabilities of winning it are tiny.