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Do not lose too fast

not loose slots

Criteria to observe on a slot machine

A casino room can propose an extended section of slot machines and players face a dilemma - choosing the best.

The best machine will have to offer a quite high payout. A fist criterion concerns the jackpot, some machines propose a an amount of 5000 euros and other s an amount of 1000. Players need to take into many other elements such as the percentage concerning the payment. The latter is affected by the repetitions and the combinations leading to a gain.

Do not forget the notion of enjoyment

The possibilities to win cannot be modified in any way, but it is possible anyway to make the conditions as much favourable as possible. The bet is about not losing money too fast.

If a player manages to conserve his/her credits for a long time, the pleasure of playing grows up. Certain strategies allow to make the maximum advantage of the time you spend in the casino. It is thus possibly to play much longer with the same credit.