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How to read the payments chart

read payments chart

Being prepared is good

The position of the chart is always the same, you find it on the upper part of a slot machine. You should carefully look at it to understand in details the payments rates for each combination. Before staring a match, it is thus important to know several criteria such as the number of coins requested, the winning combinations...

Generally, the slot machines that offer the highest gains are those with rollers presenting the highest number of symbols.

  •   Traditional machines that comprise 20 symbols offer the opportunity to access more than 8000 composition. Players have an opportunity out of 8000 to win the jack pot.
  •   The probabilities decrease drastically playing a machine with 4 rollers that give a chance to gain out of 160000.
  •   On those machines presenting a screen with 5 rollers, the user has got a chance to win the jackpot out of 3 millions.

It is thus important to notice that the number of rollers have an impact on the combinations. This factor does not tarnish the level of convenience. With 3 rollers, the jackpot tends to be won more often, bur the amounts of money are higher with 5 rollers. It is therefore quite hard to state if a machine is more interesting than another. In any case, casinos keep for them a margin much more convenient that the one gained by players.