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The maximum credit

maximum credit

Progressive machine = maximum credit

When playing progressive slot machines, players do not forget that their aim is to bet the maximum number of credits or coins per throw. Otherwise, they make their chances to win decrease quite drastically.

Those players who do not own a considerable amount of money find more convenient to play with classic slot machines, in which the payments are not affected by the bets.

The disadvantages of the maximum credit

At the same time, considerable bets can cause inconveniences that players need to take into considerations.

A highly passionate player can play up to 600 matches in one hour and this rhythm can make him or her lose a huge amount of money, especially if the bet is maximal. Making a fast calculation, it is possible to say the one player can leave even 100 euros per hour in a casino. In this case, slot machine become a too expensive pleasure.

The minimal bet is not for beginners

It is quite convenient for beginners to opt for machines with 2 pieces with one single payment method. In this case the jackpot is not too high, but the pleasure felt by players will be stronger since they can play much longer.